Magic done by stone wall lighting

stone wall lighting

When we visit places, we often want to see them both during the day and at night. Why? Because lit buildings look completely different at night. Sometimes we visit a city that is not very touristy and at first we find it looks very average and bland. Interestingly, this whole vision can change when you go out for a drink in the evening – and it’s all thanks to well-chosen lighting!

Lighting a wall with lamps from underneath

One way to do stone wall lighting is to place lights close to the wall so that the light beam falls at a narrow-angle. This technique is called wall grazing and it involves creating a shadow on the wall intertwined with the light, giving the room or house a magical, mysterious look. By creating lighting in this way we emphasize the surface and texture of our stone wall, so by modifying the distance of the lamps we can model different sizes of the shadow and choose the most suitable to our idea.

fontanna di trevi as example of stone wall lighting

Stone wall lighting from the top

If you are looking for something that will simply illuminate your wall but will not give it too much prominence so that it will distract your tenant’s eyes from other things, then try the stone wall lighting technique called wall washing. It involves eliminating shadows and creating one evenly lit surface. Lamps are placed along the stone wall on the top, at a greater angle than the earlier technique, so that more of the surface is illuminated. Remember that in both techniques you can play with the positioning of the lights and model as you wish!

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