What should you know about reclaimed brick slips?

reclaimed brick slips

Are reclaimed bricks inferior to other bricks? Of course not! Read the article and learn more about them, because you may be surprised how many advantages this type of material has.

What is reclaimed brick slips?

Just as the name suggests reclaimed brick slips are bricks that have been reclaimed from old buildings such as schools, factories or offices. The best quality bricks were handmade from clay and then fired in kilns. Thanks to this, their durability is high and even after modifying them to fit modern standards, they still maintain high resistance.

reclaimed brick slips

What are the advantages of reclaimed bricks?

One of the main advantages of such bricks is their unusual appearance and lower price. As they are reclaimed brick slips, each of them has a unique style, which gives the whole a traditional character. They are a great solution if you want to keep a piece of history and tradition in your home that will last for years to come. Besides, they are very durable and are great for protecting your home from the inside or outside. Last but not least, recycled bricks are a good example of taking care of the environment. By buying recycled bricks you are supporting ecology and a closed loop economy, thus reducing the unnecessary production of new materials.

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