Christmas stockings – a beautiful tradition with an interesting story

christmas stockings

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. This magical atmosphere, traditional customs and beautiful time spent with loved ones. We love Christmas songs, as well as all the decorations and home accessories – they are somewhat responsible for the festive mood that appears in our homes in December. One of the traditional elements are christmas stockings – we hang them on the mantelpiece or in other places in our house.

What was it like with this Father Christmas?

As is often the case with various customs, they are often accompanied by an interesting story – and this is no different with christmas stockings. Legend has it that Santa wanted to support a poor family and threw a few gold bars down their chimney. As fate would have it, they fell into socks that were drying by the fireplace. From that moment on, the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings over the fireplace was born.

christmas stockings

Christmas stockings as a gift idea

Hanging up socks and then finding presents in them on Christmas morning is a much-loved activity for children and adults alike and an integral part of Christmas. Christmas stockings themselves can also be a good idea for a Christmas present – after all, not everyone has their own sock. You can also add a sweet or another small gift!

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